The Path of the Queen (Storytellers)

This is a shorter version of my video about the path of the queen.  This version is primarily for storytellers, filmmakers, writers, and other people who want to look at the Queen's Road from the point of view of story and the internal and external struggles the characters take as they move through an arc of character development and transformation.

Download The Path of the Queen Here.

The Divided Woman 

The Divided Woman is an archetype who has been with us for thousands of years.  She has shown up in everything from the Bible to Disney movies.  

The Divided Woman is an archetype that creates a separation for women, often when we are very little.  Young girls and grown women spend their lives balancing against those two archetypes, (an ingenue type, and a magical type), always struggling against the two halves, rather than uniting them in wholeness.  This divide creates deep damage to most women, and risks banishing us to a divided self that can never find her sister-self.  

Download The Divided Woman Infogram Here.

The Path of the Queen (Full Lecture)

This is a full version of my video about the path of the queen.  This version is for therapists, and storytellers, and spotlights the differences between each of the quadrants, and also highlights the need for psychological attention to be paid to how we address these needs for real-life women and girls.  


The Divided Woman and United Queen archetypes are with us in the here and now.  Every day we are being given examples of them, whether we are watching the divided woman on television in old re-runs, or we are hearing about Becoming Queen of Your Life from an author or pop star.  

The Queen is asking for our attention in the collective culture. The message to reunify her from her divided parts is incumbent upon anyone who wants to heal themselves or the world around us. The Queen is the archetype of Radical Sovereignty and Revolutionary Love. Her archetype asks that every person see themselves as a fully empowered sovereign soul, independent and fully embodied as a Divine emissary to the world.

Download The Path of the Queen here.

Download The Quadrants and Time Periods Up Close here.