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Why should I look to myths for my story structure?

The most successful stories follow an archetypal or mythic pattern that helps the reader or viewer make sense of the imagery via an intuitive set of principles that have been part of women's stories for thousands of years. 

These follow the Queen's Path diagram below.  Two characters are separated from one another by an event or a punishment.  This usually appears as something one or both of them have caused or created, when in reality it is a structural problem related to them not fitting their "assigned" role (think Frozen or Maleficent).  If it is a single character story, then she herself is divided or torn between the roles she feels compelled to play, (think Miss Congeniality or Legally Blonde).


You can get a copy of The Queen's Path diagram here.

Use this dynamic structure to help make sense of both character and story arcs to help your woman-driven story connect to your audience.  Follow the path like the face of a clock.  The first quadrant begins at midnight and goes through about 3 o'clock.  Each quadrant follows this pattern until you return to Midnight.

The Characters

Use this to help you make sense of how your female protagonist or villain fits the channels along the Queen's Path.  Know the characteristics that determine whether she is a MIPE (Magical Isolated Powerful & Endangered) or a MISOR (Maiden in Search of Relationship).

You can get an infographic with some of the qualities associated with the character archetypes: MIPE and MISOR here.

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The Queen's Path is an archetypal model for women-driven stories. It has been used in story, myth, fairy-tales, films, novels, and television. From the first written myth, The Descent of Inanna to Wonder Woman, the Queen's Path is at work today.

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Basic Outline:


Single Character Story Arc:

1. MIPE or MISOR has a problem - she needs to be more like her sister-self

2. SISTER-SELF is out of her reach, she doesn't understand how to get there

3. Protagonist fails and threatens to go back to her original MIPE or MISOR identity

4. Protagonist has to confront herself, and integrate her sister self or risk being banished to the extreme version of her self.

5. Protagonist embodies the combined/unified self, and "claims her crown" of self-sovereignty.

Double Character Story Arc:

1. Sisters are together, but something powerful separates them

2. Sisters are kept from one another, often by powerful magic

3. MIPE sister tries to hide her power, but cannot.  

4. MISOR sister tries to build relationships, but cannot

5. One sister is banished, usually the MIPE

6. One sister, tries to help the other, or bring her back, or heal her (usually the MISOR)

7. The sisters have to make sacrifices for one another.

8. Power is restored to the Realm, usually in the hands of one or both sisters.  One or both are free.