This book was written specifically to address the misconceptions about mystical principles that have made their way into common parlance and that are being misused by many people as an easy antidote to real psychological and spiritual healing.  

The book examines the Foundation Keys, and outlines the use of these as a means to greater individual sovereignty, beyond the common, and often uninformed use of The Law of Attraction.  The spiritual principles outlined in the book include those that form the foundation of western mystical practices from Kabbalah to Gnostic Christianity, Sufism, and Western Occultism.  As readers will learn, these Laws are more complex than can be reduced down in a single spiritual practice.  The book outlines multiple Laws including the Law of Unity, the Law of Polarity, the Law of Knowledge, and the Law of Containment, as well as the Laws of Positive & Negative Attraction.  Readers will gain a solid foundation in the mystical and magical principles of manifestation beyond the common understanding of The Law of Attraction.

The Keys of Sovereignty Ebook