Your Right... You're Right

You are on a path to becoming the Queen of your Life.  There is no one like you.  You are being invited to see through a new lens.  The Path of the Queen shows each and every woman who takes the journey that she has the Right to a rightful place as the leader of not just any domain, but the one that is the unique, meaningful destiny that is specific to that individual woman.  

You are being invited to step onto the path of Radical Sovereignty.  It is your right to make the rules, the boundaries, the purpose, and wield the power to the most deeply meaningful life possible for you.  

The Path to Power is a forthcoming book and course.  Before these are distributed widely, there is a pilot program limited to 10 women anywhere in the world.  The cost of the pilot mentoring program is the lowest price that the course will ever be. 

Through the Path to Power mentoring program you will:

  1. Discover all of the discarded pieces of your deepest female power.

  2. Reconnect the broken pieces from a place of safety.

  3. Sanctify your Relationship to your Body.

  4. Know how it all happened, and how to hold onto your power for yourself always.

  5. Own Your Domain, and how to rule it.

At the end of the eight weeks of our course, you will be able to:

  • Banish Imposter Syndrome forever

  • Live an empowered life of influence and alliances

  • Reunite the Forsaken Parts of Yourself, and fulfill your unique destiny

  • Understand how healing the divide gives you the power to change anything

Fill out the form below, and we'll have tea over Zoom to talk about YOUR domain, YOUR needs, and how you can reclaim your power, and live your most Queenly Life.

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