I have had a crazy, varied career.  I have been a college professor.  I've gotten to be part of a great project that changed the economy of an entire state.  I have worked in television and animation.  I have made movies.  I've trudged metaphorically through some pretty horrible darkness.  I watched my hometown drown in Hurricane Katrina.  I suffered three years of nightmares that led to a difficult and painful Jungian analysis, (that led me to move back to California, and eventually become a therapist).  I have written books, and conducted social science research.  I have run a phenomenally successful animation festival, and taught deaf kids how to do animation.  I have held executive positions in studios, and been a waitress at the Hard Rock Cafe.  I have won awards like "Governor's Technology Leader of the Year" and been part of Emmy Award winning teams for spectacular television.  The through line for all of these is that I like big challenges, and I dedicate myself completely to succeed at whatever is in front of me.

I'm dedicated to sharing the secret to female driven stories.

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Masters in Psychology, focus in Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Doctor of Philosophy, focus in Media Psychology, Human Geography, and Social Statistics, University of New Orleans

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  Lic#110847