How do YOU

Write Women?


Knock your female-driven story out of the park! 

What do Game of Thrones, Miss Congeniality, The Color Purple, Legally Blonde, and Hidden Figures all have in common?  It is NOT that they all have female protagonists. They all use a story structure that empowers writers, actors, and directors to tell compelling female-driven stories.

Women's stories are powerful.  Women have our own archetypal structure unique to us.  For too long, writers have tried to use The Hero's Journey to tell women's stories. That mythic structure falls short when it comes to women's experience.

Using the structure that works best for women-driven stories is critical to successfully telling and selling your story.  

The Queen's Path will help you deliver strong female characters and stories that resonate with audiences.  Archetypal stories are the ones that our cultures, instincts, and social patterns take in, produce, and reproduce. Archetypes guide us, whether we know it or not.

The Queen's Path is based in a mythic structure for women's stories that has been used by storytellers for ages.  The most successful female-driven stories recreate this structure intuitively.  You can learn the method, or work with me to get your story or campaign on solid female-driven footing.

Below are some free resources to help you develop your female-driven story.  You can get free resources, or jump right to the intro course for just $27.  


The Queen's Path

You can get a copy of The Queen's Path diagram here.

Use this dynamic structure to help make sense of both character and story arcs to help your woman-driven story connect to your audience.  Follow the path like the face of a clock.  The first quadrant begins at midnight and goes through about 3 o'clock.  Each quadrant follows this pattern until you return to Midnight.

The Characters

Use this to help you make sense of how your female protagonist or villain fits the channels along the Queen's Path.  Know the characteristics that determine whether she is a MIPE (Magical Isolated Powerful & Endangered) or a MISOR (Maiden in Search of Relationship).

You can get an infographic with some of the qualities associated with the character archetypes: MIPE and MISOR here.


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For the Slides from the 2021 Greater Los Angeles Writer's Conference Talk click HERE.

For the Slides from the 2021 Greater Los Angeles Writer's Conference Talk click HERE.